People cannot objectively evaluate their own work environment. Daily employee tasks and processes become habitual and inefficient. TOCA can recognize these inefficiencies and help unleash the full potential of your employees.

Innovation opportunities abound in routine employee processes. Our sociologists and designers observe how your people actually do their work – not simply the design of the work processes. This helps us identify where the bottlenecks and inefficient workarounds are and what tools are needed to free them.

By focusing on how people actually work, which is often very different from what is articulated or what is mandated, TOCA can help you solve real productivity problems.

CASE STUDY: improving performance

Poor customer service had Wall Street analysts nervous about the world’s largest online marketplace. The company needed to make improvements.

TOCA’s team of sociologists went on-site, observed how the representatives worked, and created a task map detailing employees’ actual work – not simply the prescribed workflow. TOCA then identified the most problematic and time consuming tasks for workers and designed the tools that made the representatives’ job easier.

The changes worked. By allowing service reps to resolve issues in nearly half the time, TOCA helped the client to not only reduce costs, but also increase efficiency by an amazing 78%.

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