TOCA is Latin for touch. We keep companies in touch with customers by providing meaningful business solutions based on what customers actually value.

Unlike most consulting firms, we successfully integrate the social sciences, business strategy, product and communication design to first identify customer value priorities, then define matching products and communications, and finally help to launch them successfully.

We position ourselves in the middle of the company/customer bond; only from this position can a full understanding of the business relationship emerge and compelling solutions be modeled. We strive to understand and then articulate the human qualities from both sides of the value exchange.

Your customers are often unable to articulate what is most meaningful to them and indeed are often unaware of what that might be. Instead of relying on the vagaries of what people say, TOCA’s ethnographic researchers “go native” and observe real-world behaviors of customers in their personal context at work, at home and at play to gain a true understanding of what’s important.

This is, however, only the beginning of our “reconstructive observation” process. We consider these observed behaviors to be a solution to a problem the customer is trying to solve. In conversations with the customer, we further reveal the hidden knowledge and patterns that drive their behavior.

By rigorously analyzing the behaviors and stories they tell us, we are able to get a solid understanding of their problem-solving approach. Reconstructing the problem the customer is trying to solve with his actions gives us a deep understanding of his value system and motivations and from this we are able to model future behavior with a high level of accuracy.

Through this process, we work with our clients to ultimately achieve effective communications, more successful products and operational excellence.

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